Our Team

SQN has a passionate team of 60, unified by a fundamental belief in our ability as humans to radically change and grow and a hunger to marry the soft skills with the hard. Our people work across behavioral, neural and data science, technology and client services.

Through serving many global companies, Per became passionate about finding a “better way” to deliver effective change in large organisations. 


Per came to the belief that the ‘missing piece’ would be in understanding and measuring the behaviors that determine business outcomes specific to the organisation, coupled with deep insights into what makes us, as human beings, ‘tick’. 

Per Lagerstrom
CEO / Co-Founder

15 years at McKinsey, Partner

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Over her career, Kathryn has curated a unique set of experiences working with executive teams and individuals on broad-scale and personal transformation journeys. 

She has worked within and led diverse teams from machine learning professionals to facilitators of transformation. This has provided her with a unique ability to balance deep AI-driven analytics with holistic transformational interventions and thinking.

While Per finds passion in unlocking the potential of systems and processes, Kathryn's deep passion and joy is unlocking the potential in individuals.  In this, she is very much the ‘heart and soul’ of SQN's product.  Her experiences working across the full spectrum of consciousness motivate a sincere dedication to finding a higher purpose for both the businesses we serve, plus within SQN itself.

Kathryn Forgan

11 years at McKinsey, EMEA Org Analytics Lead

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Gabriel is deeply experienced in the technology segments of the systems & services and ERP software industries.


An active member and former leader of Egon Zehnder's Technology and Communications Practice and Global Innovation Platform, he is a valued advisor to global technology corporations on strategy, markets, digitization, key leadership issues, and senior talent trends.

Gabriel Andrade
Executive Chairman

21 years at Egon Zehnder, Partner global tech sector lead

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Martin is an accomplished and inspirational leader with a career that spans many countries and more than 35 years in technology including Marconi, Logica, HP, EDS and IBM.


Throughout his career he has led organizations to achieve significant performance with a focus on customer success, execution and innovation.

Martin Blackburn
Non-executive Director

Managing Director of Rackspace’s EMEA region, 4 years Partner at Marlin Equity Partners, 25 years executive at IBM, HP and Logica

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