SQN's Odyssey Index™ provides powerful data to companies experiencing crisis - especially COVID-19.


We have been approached by a number of potential resellers - especially in aligned sectors: change agents, executive coaching and boutique consultancies - where they see clear advantages to their clients of having Odyssey data to inform decision making.


The Odyssey Index™ will provide your clients with key insights on:

  • The strength of the organization’s most relevant mindset and behavior clusters in times of crisis (grit/resilience, adaptability, learning, and sense of purpose)

  • The emotional state of the organization, by measuring Fear and Trust, and Hope and Possibility

  • The extent to which the organization understands its leadership’s direction, and the degree to which the organization wants to go in that direction

  • And finally, the key obstacles in the organization that are getting in the way of more positive mindsets and behaviors


Output is weekly data in a dashboard that shows where the organization is in these predefined critical areas. Odyssey is now ready to deploy to clients within 48 hours.


If you are interested in becoming an Odyssey reseller, please contact odyssey@sqn.world for more details.

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