Sinequanon, or SQN as we are known, is a Zurich-based behavioral analytics firm that uses a unique blend of data, behavioral science and technology to improve business outcomes by unlocking human potential.

Today, we embark on a new phase in our start-up journey. We are looking for a new home!

SQN is actively seeking like-minded investors and partners who share our vision and passion to fundamentally transform culture change and leadership development as we know it.

SQN is an IP-rich start up with a dedicated team of specialists, ranging from behavioral, neural and data science to technology, learning and client services . Our sole aim is to ignite lasting performance change at scale.

We are dedicated to enhancing business performance by unlocking the dormant energy of people. Our unique suite of digital tools – Twisit®, Living Analytics® and FlowOS® platforms - spanning the fields of AI, behavioral science, measurement and technology, objectively gauge the mindsets and behaviors of employees critical to performance. Using our proprietary, AI-powered change management solutions we use this data to map out our clients’ unique Performance Signature®, the ideal organizational identity needed to meet business objectives.

This radically innovative Analytics-as-a-Service (ANaaS) offering, with a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business model delivers nothing short of an operating system for peak people performance, which can be scaled across large organizations to ignite lasting change.

How are we different?

Measurement & Monitoring

Continuous measurement of how employees feel, think and act in the workplace in weekly, monthly or quarterly cycles

People Analytics

Our solutions provide data on your most valuable resource – your people – which has the same rigor as financial or operational information


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities enable rapid processing of data with actionable recommendations


Cloud-based delivery means we can rapidly deliver our leading solutions across teams, business units and geographies


Our revolutionary approach to people management and performance is informed by the latest behavioral science


We ignite collective change at scale by establishing performance-centered movements within organizations

Habit Formation

Our data-driven solutions encourage helpful behaviors while mitigating unhelpful ones


Remove operational blockers and eliminate excuses by using precise, data-driven insights to focus interventions in the right areas

Recommendation Engines

Predictive algorithms allow for a scientifically-derived forward velocity that enables leaders to chart a more precise performance journey


Online interactive learning and accreditation allows for easy access to our support teams

SQN is actively seeking new funding and business partners. Please contact Per Lagerstrom per.lagerstrom@sqn.world for more information about this unique opportunity

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