Sinequanon (SQN), the Zurich-based behavioral analytics firm, has launched its 'Odyssey Index', a proprietary, AI-enabled crisis monitoring tool that enables organizations to test, analyse and enhance their capacity to cope with the unprecedented global, humanitarian and business crisis presented by COVID-19.

The Odyssey Index is a cloud-delivered toolkit that can be deployed immediately to providerapid insights into organizations’ operations and workforce for the effective management ofcrises such as the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. The Index leverages SQN’s revolutionary Twisit® (‘the way I see it’) mindset and behaviour measurement platform as well as theclient-specific algorithms of its Living Analytics® AI engine to equip large national, regional or global businesses with actionable predictive data. SQN’s propriety suite of analytical tools can then be used to assist CEOs and organisational leaders to map out the ideal route to safer shores.

“When COVID-19 first hit we at SQN were busy rolling out a new product, which sets a new industry standard by using science and technology as well as the power of AI to facilitate organizational culture change,” says Per Lagerstrom, CEO of SQN. “It soon became apparent that our product has some pretty unique capabilities that can be pressed into service for the greater good by step-changing the capacity of businesses to survive and thrive in times of extreme change and uncertainty.”

Lagerstrom explains that in times of crisis, organizations face the dilemma of having to take rapid and decisive action to mitigate the negative impact on their workforce and business, but are often forced to do so with incomplete information. Organizations with accurate and complete datasets, as well as advanced analytical tools that enable them to dynamically evaluate the evolution of the crisis on an ongoing basis, will be best positioned to respond effectively.

“In a crisis you don’t always have the luxury to spend days or weeks gathering data to inform your decision making,” says Lagerstrom. “Rapid and decisive action is critical but doing so with incomplete data can lead to errors or unintended consequences. What the Odyssey Index does is place an advanced measurement toolkit in the hands of CEOs to allow them to discern exactly what their people are feeling or thinking and whether the organization’s internal environment is helping or hindering progress.”

SQN’s unique suite of digital tools, which span the fields of AI, behavioural science, measurement, and technology, provide organizations with the ability to analyse the keymindsets and behaviours of employees, which are critical to enhancing their ability to cope, adapt and ultimately thrive during times of extreme uncertainty and ambiguity. These proprietary tools are able to gauge key emotional enablers such as levels of trust in the organization; fears and anxieties; as well as employees’ sense of meaning and purpose during times of crisis.

“If you want to show effective leadership and take meaningful action to mitigate the impactof an extraordinary situation like the COVID-19 pandemic, you need a clear understanding of your people, what’s driving their behaviour and what they need to thrive under the given set of circumstances,” says Lagerstrom. “That requires deep insights into where they are, how they’re responding with respect to fear, coping mechanisms, resilience, as well as whether the systems and processes you have in place are enabling or disabling them.”

The Odyssey Index acts as a revolutionary measurement engine that objectively collects signals from human responses through the use of clever survey questions deeply rooted in behavioural science. Using a unique combination of science, AI, technology and agile operations, SQN is able to leverage objective and micro-intrusive behaviour measurement insights in order to achieve an analytically-derived, client-specific target culture.

“We’re able to provide clients with an extremely accurate picture of the level of ‘connectedness’ people have with their organizations through predictive algorithms that link specific behaviours to business outcomes,” says Lagerstrom. “These can then be benchmarked against global datasets so that the appropriate actions can be taken to achieve specific improvements in business performance while at the same time radically altering the employee experience for the better.”

SQN’s cloud-based Odyssey Index allows for product upgrades to be rapidly deployed as they emerge from its development lab. These include enhanced data quality algorithms, shortened data update cycles, neural network AI, online dashboards, updated action playbooks, machine learning and new leading edge psychological constructs.

As part of its value proposition and service to clients during these challenging times, SQN will provide its powerful Odyssey Index toolkit free of charge for the first month in return for a donation to a COVID-19 charity. Thereafter, SQN will continue to provide continuous support for as long as is required at a nominal fee.

Increased insight

The next five years will see us redefine our understanding of insight. As machine learning grows in tandem with predictive analytics, it is likely that human capital management systems will move from a reactive into an intuitive space.

The result is the ability to forecast and avoid periods of diminished performance. Whether driven by repeated behaviour or broader global trends, it will become easier and more important to use insights to maintain performance levels.

Adaptive business models

As connectivity becomes truly global, the need for fixed business models will fade.

Data science will allow business leaders to optimise their structures endlessly. Fluidity in terms of location, staff allocation, budget and objective means that lean teams of hybrid employees will become increasingly prevalent. From remote working to distributed teams, the people side of operations is set to shift drastically thanks to data.

But the effects will be felt in terms of service offerings as well. Audience data on spending habits, needs and passion points will drive businesses to diversify and subdivide to grow market share.

The bottom line? Prepare to get flexible.

Hyper-efficient operations

We can say goodbye to quarterly reviews in the next 5 years.

Performance data will allow for cyclical improvement, as well as daily, weekly or monthly output analysis.

The introduction of data into the work place means that productive employees will be able to shine, while those who are not by nature efficient will be empowered to address key growth areas.

In accordance with the structural changes above, it is only natural that efficiency will become paramount to success. Having said that, as fewer businesses rely on brick and mortar locations and physical products, this efficiency will come down to the streamlined integration of data.

Enhanced relationships

Despite the almost robotic implications of the automation of key processes and the integration of data into the workplace, the correct use of data science will improve working relationships across the board.

From a consumer perspective, advances in data science mean a more targeted personal experience based on data gathered at various points of the consumer purchase journey.

Within the work environment, efficiency means a greater work-life balance and better prospects for ambitious employees. Data science removes bias and prejudice. It also allows for a clear career path built on personal skills development. This in addition to an improved work-life balance and frank approach makes work not only pleasant, but meaningful.

Driving innovation

Unlike parallel industries, data science and predictive analytics have a role to play in a variety of industries.

It is in the innovative application of these new methodologies that company’s are finding value.

From our perspective, keeping data for actuarial or engineering applications is short sighted – that’s why we’ve brought it into the human capital space.

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