The way we see it



When Corona hit, we at SQN were busy rolling out our groundbreaking approach to culture change; a
new industry standard anchored in science, powered by AI and delivered through technology.



As we reflected on how to navigate these choppy waters ourselves, it was apparent that our product has some pretty special capabilities that can be ‘pressed into service’ for the greater good; step-changing the capacity of businesses to survive and thrive in times of extreme change and uncertainty.



After 72 hours in our innovation lab, our team is launching a cloud-delivered toolkit for immediate deployment, rapidly followed by upgrades as they come on stream. A toolkit enabling organizations to rapidly take the temperature of their workforce and their operations, to understand how their people feel, to measure the capability to cope with the current situation and to move forward, and then to provide a route-map to safer shores and brighter futures.


Leveraging our revolutionary Twisit® mindset
and behavior measurement platform and the algorithms from our Living Analytics® AI engine, we can equip any large national, regional or global business with precise and actionable predictive data on their capacity to survive and then thrive in the current emergency.

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