• measures behaviors, mindsets, emotions and their drivers 

  • precise & predictive data to shape effective interventions

Impactful leaders focus on identifying issues quickly and addressing them boldly, decisively, and precisely. In a new world characterized by massive increases in volatility and uncertainty, it becomes exceedingly difficult to accurately gauge and react to signals from our environment. This is particularly true for internal signals from people and teams, which can often become paralyzed by lack of clarity, fear and psychological defense mechanisms during times of crisis.


Organizations that are able to successfully transition their culture (i.e. behavior, mindset and emotions) to one that can harness positive momentum to take effective action will be better positioned to survive,

and indeed thrive.


What we call culture can be made tangible using a unique blend of hard data, artificial intelligence and behavioral science so that mindsets and behaviors can be systematically shifted to drive measurable outcomes.  SQN’s AI-powered organization ‘imaging’ provides clear signals that guide leaders with predictive data, insights and recommended actions about the key mindsets and behaviors linked to business outcomes – now making it possible to drive large-scale behavior change at unmatched speed.


This parallels the way cutting-edge diagnostic imaging techniques have offered breakthrough transparency and clear insights to support teams of medical specialists with precise interventions and achieve meaningful outcomes at a human system level.


The “new normal” we face offers an unprecedented opportunity to drive step change in each of our organizational contexts, be it team, business unit or organization wide.  Deep imaging of people’s mindset, behaviors and emotions, weekly or monthly, allows each executive to understand and fine tune behavior, mindsets, emotions and their drivers. This amplifies leadership effectiveness in our ongoing quest to meaningfully improve organization’s ability to cope with crisis scenarios.

The COVID-19 context

COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis, making rapid culture change both an imperative and an opportunity. As businesses are forced to continue operating under extraordinary conditions, embracing this new reality will become their next “new normal”.


By using technology, organizations can establish a constant digital dialogue with employees and harness AI-powered interventions to not only minimise short-term pain but to carve out new competitive advantages and ultimately thrive.

The Odyssey Toolkit

The Odyssey toolkit gives you the operational and predictive information you need for an effective response to a world full of uncertainty, and crisis and its aftermath. ​


Odyssey is cloud-delivered and leverages our unique capabilities across AI, behavioral science & measurement, as well as technology.

The AI-powered Odyssey toolkit provides you with:

  • A single, frequently updated metric that captures your organization’s capacity to survive and thrive

  • Access to datasets that enable penetrating analysis into drivers & differences across the organisation

  • Benchmarks that provide you with reference points on crisis response effectiveness

  • Access learnings from other businesses facing the same challenges

  • Clear and actionable recommendations

Night Sky

Rapid development



Product upgrades will be deployed as they come out of development; e.g. enhanced algorithms, shortened data update cycles, online dashboards, updated action playbooks, etc.



In the first month we will forgo our fee in return for a donation to a COVID-19 charity. Thereafter, we will provide you with continued support for as long as you require, for a nominal fee.


Contact our rapid response team at to immediately activate the Odyssey Index™ for your business.

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