Revolutionary Technology

  • The Odyssey IndexTM is underpinned by SQN’s revolutionary Twisit® (‘the way I see it’) mindset and behavior measurement tool, which objectively gauges human responses to carefully-crafted questions, rooted in behavioral science

  • SQN’s Living Analytics® artificial intelligence (AI) engine processes the Twisit® data and provides actionable,
    client-specific recommendations

Rapid Deployment

  • Gamified surveys with an average five-minute duration are embraced by employees

  • Deliverable to desktops and mobile devices, the Twisit® tool reaches office and frontline workers

  • Scalable across large organizations, business units, functions and operational levels

  • Odyssey IndexTM can be deployed in 48 hours

Frequent data

  • Continuous smart-sampling with weekly data dashboards

  • Clients can access datasets in Excel spreadsheets to enable penetrating analysis into drivers and differences across the organization

  • Sub-indices for evolving crisis-relevant mindsets and behaviors; emotional states (fear, anxiety, trust); and context

  • Algorithmic scoring



  • Data can be benchmarked against proprietary datasets and participating Odyssey companies to provide reference points on crisis response effectiveness

  • Access learnings from other businesses facing the same challenges


Data Privacy

  • Fully GDPR compliant

  • Latest cyber security standards available for containerized cloud usage

  • Non-invasive; requires no connection to existing IT architecture

  • Anonymity of respondents creates a safe and enabling digital environment


Regular Updates

  • Frequent product enhancements and feature upgrades from the cloud

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