• All products anchored in science, powered by AI & delivered through technology

  • Deep datasets mapping & measuring links between behaviors, mindsets, emotions and context with business outcomes


Twisit® (‘the way I see it’)

  • Proprietary platform objectively measures behaviors, mindsets, emotions & context; patents pending

  • Micro-intrusive & gamified UX, embraced by employees

Living Analytics®

  • Proprietary AI platform with neural network architecture; patents pending

  • Top-class cyber & privacy protection

  • Provides business leaders with predictive data and individualized recommendations at unlimited scale

"As organizations are feeling the brutal effect of disruption, an extraordinary win-win opportunity between employees and businesses is emerging."
Per Lagerstrom, Co-Founder


With constant disruption and shifting markets, companies are forced to rapidly change their business strategies. But for strategic changes to succeed, cultural transformation must occur. And without behavior change, there can be no cultural transformation. Delivering behavior change has thus become a CEO imperative.


SQN can deliver the solution to this CEO imperative.


Current approaches to engagement, culture and leadership are woefully ineffective at unlocking the vast pool of untapped employee energy, let alone directing it towards business performance priorities.


The rigorous methodologies and technological breakthroughs that have transformed manufacturing, marketing, supply chain and software development are absent from anything related to culture change and people management.


SQN changes all that.


The core innovation is to combine AI, big data, technology, behavioral science and learning innovation into a single system that will power industrial scale business processes that transform the employee experience in ways that effectively unlock willingness to change, then direct change interventions towards each client’s identified behaviors and mindsets that will drive compelling business outcomes; rapidly delivering measurable returns.


It is now possible to be bold. AI, science and technology enable new business models that could profoundly disrupt HR, change consulting and intervention providers; at highly attractive economics.

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Sinequanon (SQN) is a privately held PeopleTech start-up founded in 2015. While we work globally and across industries, our home is in Switzerland with operations in South Africa and the Czech Republic.

SQN has a passionate team of over 60, unified by a fundamental belief in our ability as humans to radically change and grow and a hunger to marry the soft skills with the hard. Our people work across behavioral, neural and data science, technology and client services.

At SQN, we believe that human capital management and change consulting are ripe for disruption. We have combined data, science and sound business principles into a ground breaking approach that taps into the well of human energy, so often trapped in large businesses, delivering material improvements to both the employee experience and the company’s bottom line.

We offer a suite of culture change products and services under the Living Analytics® and flowOS® brands, coupled with a disruptive tech enabled client delivery model.

"...fundamental belief in our ability as humans to radically change and grow and a hunger to marry the soft skills with the hard.."
Kathryn Forgan, Co-Founder

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