Attractive near-term AI-driven,
SaaS investment opportunity

Sinequanon, or SQN as we are known, is a Zurich-based behavioral analytics firm that uses a unique blend of data, behavioral science and technology to improve business outcomes by unlocking human potential.


SQN is actively seeking likeminded investors to drive short-term stability and long-term growth of the business.

Where we've come from: 

  • Unique and valuable IP

  • US$55 million valuation (April 2019)

  • Series B valuation target >US$100 million (pre-Covid, February 2020)

  • Funding challenges

  • Breaking away from Egon Zehnder

Where we are today:

  • Pioneering IP and core team

  • ‘Package & Sell’ – multi-track investment process

  • Core team & IP secured & will come with the transaction

  • Launch sale campaign targeting: large tech,

    indirect competitors, PE firms, multinationals & aligned service providers (e.g. management consulting, L&D, etc.)

  • Staff furloughed & cash burn ceased 1 July

Seeking nominal cash injection to fund the stabilization of Swiss IP business

via direct equity sale

Where we're heading:

  • Multi-track sales process expected to take 90-120 days, supported by expert team

Sale targeting

~US$40-60 million


The Offer

Pursuing nominal cash injection to stabilize the Swiss business which houses all the IP – over a 90-120 day period - to ‘Package & Sale’ the business in a professionally managed process.

This represents a unique opportunity to invest into an IP-rich, disruptive business with strong underlying fundaments and a dedicated team.

  • Up to 60% discount to US$55 million valuation (April 2019)

  • Convertible loan with automatic equity conversion as share issue is completed (typically 4-6 weeks in Switzerland)

Our unique suite of digital tools - which include our Twisit®, Living Analytics® and FlowOS® platforms – are able to gather data that objectively gauges the mindsets and behaviors of employees that are critical to performance.


SQN’s proprietary AI-powered change management solutions can then use this data to map out an organization’s unique Performance Signature®, its ideal cultural identity required to achieve business objectives. This radically innovative approach provides a people performance operating system that can be scaled across large organizations to ignite significant performance improvement.


Using gamified and behavior measurement tools, coupled with the power of AI and predictive algorithms, we can directly link the behaviors of employees to business outcomes. Through a process of intensive but objective data gathering, we construct a digital twin of our clients’ business to reveal their unique organizational persona. We then actively train a predictive algorithm to guide them towards the ideal cultural identity required for business success. Using online dashboards, machine learning and change recommendations informed by behavioral science, we gradually shift behaviors in individuals, teams and business units to achieve sustainable, long-term performance gains at scale.

measurement & monitoring

Continuous measurement of how employees feel, think and act in the workplace in weekly, monthly or quarterly cycles


Our solutions provide data on your most valuable resource – your people – which has the same rigor as financial or operational information


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities enable rapid processing of data with actionable recommendations


Cloud-based delivery means we can rapidly deliver our leading solutions across teams, business units and geographies


Our revolutionary approach to people management and performance is informed by the latest behavioral science


We ignite collective change at scale by establishing performance-centered movements within organizations



Our data-driven solutions encourage helpful behaviors while mitigating unhelpful ones


Remove operational blockers and eliminate excuses by using precise, data-driven insights to focus interventions in the right areas



Predictive algorithms allow for a scientifically-derived forward velocity that enables leaders to chart a more precise performance journey


Online interactive learning and accreditation allows for easy access to our support teams

SQN’s groundbreaking privacy protocols are fully compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679, which governs data protection and privacy in the EU and European Economic Area. However, our commitment to privacy goes beyond the minimum regulatory requirements. We aim to build trusted partnerships with our clients as well as their employees, which must be founded on a bond that transcends mere compliance with legislation. 


The architectural integrity of our systems also adhere to the highest cyber security standards available for containerized cloud usage and offer complete non-invasiveness as they require no connection to the existing IT infrastructure of our clients.

Privacy & Ethics

Our IP team

Per Lagerstrom


15 years at McKinsey, partner

Kathryn Forgan


11 years at McKinsey, EMEA organisational analytics lead

Adam Votava

AI & Data Science Lead

Founder & head of data science at aLook s.r.o. and 5 years at CSOB

Anri Durr

Behavioral Science Lead

4 ½ years with SQN building science-led approach, mindset & behavior constructs & validation.

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